Frequently asked questions

C-View is a digital certificate life cycle management platform that manages all the organization’s certificates from a single repository, and provides query and reporting tools, as well as various alerts about expiring certificates, security policy exceptions and infrastructure parameters.
C-View installation requires basic Windows server for ASP.NET and services, as well as a connection to an SQL server.
Go to resources page for downloading C-View Prerequisites
Yes, C-View supports automatic renewal of certificates to PFX files, and manually renews existing certificates with all current properties.
Yes, C-View discovery service initiates SSL handshake with IP/Port and retrieves certificates from any connection.
Yes, the PKI view is a complementary tool to monitor Microsoft PKI.
C-View supports all versions from 2003 to 2016
C-View supports all MS-Windows versions from 2003 to 2016 .
Yes, personal alerts are sent in accordance with the email attribute in the certificate subject or SAN RFC822 addresses.
Yes, you can create customized alerts for a certificate or a group of certificates.
Yes, you have to install a C-View platform on your main forest and C-View agent in your remote forest and transfer data using XML.
Yes, install a full C-View package on the main network segment (Campus). Install just the agents (sensors) on the remote network (Internet).
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