Frequently asked questions

C-View is a digital certificate life cycle management platform that manages all the organization’s certificates from a single repository, and provides query and reporting tools, as well as various alerts about expiring certificates, security policy exceptions and infrastructure parameters.
C-View installation requires basic Windows server for ASP.NET and services, as well as a connection to an SQL server.
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Yes, C-View supports automatic renewal of certificates to PFX files, and manually renews existing certificates with all current properties.
Yes, C-View discovery service initiates SSL handshake with IP/Port and retrieves certificates from any connection.
Yes, the PKI view is a complementary tool to monitor Microsoft PKI.
C-View supports all versions from 2003 to 2016
C-View supports all MS-Windows versions from 2003 to 2012 R2.
Yes, personal alerts are sent in accordance with the email attribute in the certificate subject or SAN RFC822 addresses.
Yes, you can create customized alerts for a certificate or a group of certificates.
Yes, install a full C-View package on the main network segment (Campus). Install just the agents (sensors) on the remote network (Internet).
It's very simple, contact Securely via email and ask for a demo kit